Enhance Learning & Working Performance in the Digital Era

Enhance Learning & Working Performance in the Digital Era

5 Reasons to Use SnapFeedback

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1. Seamless integration with your Online Conference App

SnapFeedback works seamlessly with Online Conference App, including Zoom Meeting, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Discord, and Skype.

2. Increases confidence in online testing

Some hosts might find a hard time to monitor online teaching because they need to focus on teaching. SnapFeedback gives organisations confidence in boosting the performance of work and study.

3. Windows, Mac, Chromebook and iOS

SnapFeedback can be used on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and iPad devices. This lets participants use their preferred device to attend an online meetings.

4. Save the budget… and some trees

Printed exams and bubble sheets are expensive and wasteful. Digital Era that switches from printed paper to online can save thousands of dollars (or Euros, or Pounds, or Francs) in paper costs.

5. Easy to set up and manage

Hosts can require that SnapFeedback with just a few clicks, right from within the Online Conference App. It only takes a moment for users to install SnapFeedback Plugin — and it will be automatically configured once and for all.